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Godfrey Appraisal Services is dedicated to providing high quality commercial real-estate appraisal services in the Albuquerque metropolitan area, and throughout New Mexico.




Godfrey Appraisal Services has been in practice in New Mexico since 1950.
Godfrey Appraisal Services maintains a historic database covering over 40 years and dedicates extensive resources to gathering current market data to have a comprehensive database.  Modern, industry-leading software is employed to analyze data and to provide printed and/or electronic reports to our clients.


Godfrey Appraisal Services can develop appraisals under various “scope of work” guidelines, and provide Self-Contained, Summary or Restricted reports.
Godfrey Appraisal Services regularly provides appraisals, feasibility studies and consultation services related to mortgage loans, condemnation projects, estate planning and settlements, partnership allocations, property tax protests, and a wide variety of other purposes.




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